Tuesday, January 27, 2009

now, nOW,NOW

now, nOW,NOW

i've been in my best behaviour these three years & i'm not intending to ruin it!
so now,u %$#@#@$$ open yr eyes,ears & yr freakin mind with what i'm going to say next.


people here don't even know the half of me & they better don't. I've been trying to conceal it because i'm trying to be a better person,but THINGS & PEOPLE kept trying to mess it up for me making it sooOOO difficult to be GOOD.

to YOU,yes YOU!
dont push me !!!
DONT PUSH ME or i'm going to be a real BIATCH.

today's agenda!

today we only have skills lab in regard with Hb count.
yay! i'm in group 4,with amin,cici,isa,huda,syir,dill & luqman.

mcm disaster je aku buat lab tadi ha. I think i should really practise on handling the Sahle pipette the correct way. Tadi main tipu byk btul,semua ni salah isa (mesti isa bengkek je kalo die bace). No la ice,main2 je pun.

the patient's name was H******,a male. We did the test twice. Aku dpt 14 g/dL, 2nd one was 12.1 g/dL hahahah! ralat betul la. Gelabah gile tadi aku,that must be it.
we finished quite early,so we talked about holidays & persembahan Gala ni8 nnt.

o-oh yg dtg lambt tadi, i hope u guys are safe & not caught. Surabaya wasn't that interesting i heard. Pegi kebun apple,byr 26rib dpt dua biji je? sadist betul tauke kebun tu. At least u guys have been there what,dpt pengalaman merantau tmpt2 what. bile lagi boleh pegi kannn..

next,berkumpul kat plaza sbb byk yg perlu dibincangkan. Apologies to our brave leader, Opie, sbb aku Farahain & huda.A dtg lmbt, perot kitorg dh memaggil2 mknn dah.hehe
KITAS, disiplin...,group discussions, & GAla shows. ha.ha.ha.ha.

sesiapa yg rase aku tak pay at-10-tn sebenanye aku denga segala jenis perbualan korg,cume aku suke buat muke tak bernyawa je.

I think that quite summarizes my day for today. so korang take care, prepare la utk tutor besok.

i'd like to quote taguchi from KATTUN for my not-so grand exit.
iriguchi,deguchi,taguchi desu!!!! jaa ne minna~mata aimashou~

Saturday, January 24, 2009

sunday not-so-morning talk

selamat pagi!!! (pagi?)
i haven't had my breakfast yet & it's near to one. My stomach is rumbling and calling for my at-10-tn,wanting to be fed. Ignoring it,i kept on playing Facebook Pet Society,trying to win the hurdle competition & collecting hong pau from my friends. Hey,you guys should play this game,it's really cute.My aim right now is to buy a fridge. I like decorating my kitchen.=)

after this we'll be making nasi ayam & popia goreng (insyaAllah). These past few days have been really boring,with nothing much to do except for watching movies,eating,sleeping but most importantly TRYING to finish case reviews for DMS system. please note my emphasizing on the word 'trying'. I've finished spondylitis TB ,so maybe next would be case 6?

from my seat (which is on a kitchen chair facing our guest room), i note that NOI is so engrossed in searching & downloading stuffs in regard with kattun (i presume?). HUDA is still in her room,studying maybe? Now i'm done for Pet far i've saved 600dollar from nada. yeehawww~~ dear mr.fridge,wait for me to get u~~

OMG,this movie i'm watching is such a typ-o. SPIN, it's about 2 latino girls trying to get themselves in the entertainment world.B.O.R.I.N.G~~maybe it's from the early 90's production. Yesterday i sent my blanket to the dry cleaning,so plz remind me to pick it up on 26th. It's near Yomart if anybody's wondering.quite cheap,but the 'teteh' working there gets on my nerve. haha. about my result.Sadly but quite expectedly i didn't get what i wanted.huhu, after so much sweat & energy's not that what i've done could be called a hustle,but i can see no difference for a result coming from a hardwork & the one from lazing out.ha! circumstances can really pull me down & drown me,man. The words from my parents really touched my soul,i tell u. Such motivations set me ON FIRE~!!!!!!! SO NOW I SHOULD REALLY BE HUSTLING & HARD LABORING~!!!!!

the dishes are calling, the bathroom is waiting,the laundry needs caring & nadiah needs.....what nadiah needs to tata everybody.tthank u for spending 10 minutes. later i'll write longer.