Monday, July 20, 2009

hey u

do u remember
when we were 8
u & i went cycling before noon
my sisters tagged along..

we played 'catch', chat ,enjoyed the blue sky
and some activities fit for daredevils
the field was so green because the school just opened
only the guard knew about us being there.....

it was lunch time,tired & hungry
the four of us decided to return home
but guess what made my 8year old heart felt like it's tugged down to the earth,
giving me one of the best shocks of my life?

the entrance gates were chained & we were locked in!!

cell phones weren't available back then,
we refused to leave our bicycles there to try climb out....

my maid found us & she only helped my youngest sister out of the wall

then she left us.....SHE LEFT US!!

all on our own...

i almost cried but i didn't

the 3 of us had each other didn't we?

together we circled the whole building lot
it took us what seemed like hours to figure out what to do
we were like prisoners trying to break out

a good chap who was mixing the cement near the construction site
saw us n tried to help
he was a our hero..

with his gadget he cut out the wires and made a small rabbit hole using his spade
so we could squeeze out and free ourselves
yes,i had to drag my bicycle through that hole
and it was a lot of work!

mud was everywhere
i tried to brush the dust off of my face
my sis looked up to me,thank God she didn't cry too

a thought dawned on me...i was doomed

i cycled home slowly,knowing i was the one to get the blame from mom
not for being naughty..but for involving my sisters along into our mischiefs

i stole a glance at you,you were relaxed

as we reached home, my mom already awaited under the mango tree
she was like a war goddess, just returned from work,ready & well prepared for what's next.
i drowned in my own sweat & fear.........

long story short, i got a good smack right behind my shoulder
but nothing happened to you.
that night i refused dinner & refused any communications with mom

i was mad albeit knowing it was also my fault.
u were the one who gave the idea to go to that place!
one my angry thoughts

but wait,u.
now i'd like to thank you

for giving me what now seem to be a nice experience

for giving me a small adventure to tell today.

THANK U,neighbour.=)

ashton, i'll wait for you

kutcher's in SPREAD.
it's coming soon

he's my teenage crush.hehe =) still is..

the girl who's going to be with him is new
i think spread's her debut movie.

not sure what it's going to be about.
romantic comedy i think

for girls,couples,gays & drag queens only.ha

Saturday, July 18, 2009

kantoi..Zee Avi

semalam i call u ,u tak answer
u kate u keluar pegi dinner
u kate u keluar dgn kawan u
but when i called tommy he said it wasn't true

so i drove my car pegi damansara
tommy kate maybe u tgk BOLA
tapi bile i sampai u tak ada
lagi lah i jadi gila

so i called and called sampai u answer
u kate "sori sayang tadi tak dgr
my phone was on silent i was at the gym"
tapi latar blkg suara pompuan lain

sudahlah syg i dont believe u
i've always know tht yr words were never true
why am i with u i pun tak tau
no wonderlah my friends pun tak suka u


so i guess that's the end of our story
akhir kate she accepted his apology
tapi last2 kita dpt tau she was cheating too
with her ex-boyfriend's bestfriend...................



love is in the air**huhu~~

comelnya kamu semua.. \(^0^)/

i'm so happy my darlings~ i wish u guys all the happiness in the world~~~

weee~~~~should i cry now? =)

tapi igt tau..kene pandai jaga diri

muahx muahx!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

for my own memory




41177. =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i h8 u
talam 2 muke
love rat
xsedar diri
kamu kayak tikus yang tak diundang
buat sarang
buat sampah
dengan konco2 kau tu
smua gi jumpe doc psych' sane!!!

tak kire la kau skrg dh dok berapa lautan jauhnya
tak kirela 'tinggi' mane kau
no mercy for u
im going to set things upon u as u've done onto me n my friends

sometimes- the carpenters

Sometimes not often enough

We reflect upon the good things

And those thoughts always center around those we love

And I think about those people who mean so much to me

And for so many years have made me so very happy

And I count the times I have forgotten to say 'thank you'

And just how much I love them



hey buat kawan2 ku yg di malaysia,singapura mahupun di indonesia

blog saye yg dibawah ni tak ditujukan buat sesape pun

cuma bende nilah yg kitorang diskuskan dlm conference smlm di YM

saya mmg tak suke no 1,2,3. tapi tak semestinya semuanya berlaku kat saye.

ada yg saye tambah dari cerita kawan.

ada yg terperasantan melebih2 ke???
sedey a gini

saya tak akan minta maaf sbb there's nothing to apologize after all.

my niat was purely about sharing what people dislike.

ya udah

Monday, July 13, 2009

PANtang LARang

pantang larang no 1

mengaku baju tu kau punye padahal ko pinjam kawan kau

ni satu contoh je.

kau sedap pinjam brg orang yg cantik2 elok2
pastu orang pujilah 'ehh..cantik nyer blabla'
kau pun cakp lah 'biase la i beli'
orang beli,dah bende tu jadi hak die
sukiyaki kau plak nak ngaku tu hak kau

haa yelaahhh
byk la berlaku kat dunia ni
orang lain buat keje bagus,
orang lain plak dpt nama

orang lain tolg bagi kau folder lagu best2
kamu seenaknya cakap 'ak ah,aku yg donwload'

tak kesa la kau nk pinjam ke,gune name ker
at least have the guts to admit that it's not yours
kesian la kat orang tu
dah la die buat baik kat kau
kau pijak kepala die lagi

pet pot pet pot

pantang larang no 2.

BReathing down people's neck

ini dieeee
orang sedap2 typing
idea mencurah2 ni

tibe2 ada la satu lembaga dok belakang
rupenyer die nga usha apa kau buat bile kau o9
'zassssSS! idea semua terbang entah ke mana

weh tak penah blaja ker term' privacy'
masing2 ade personal bubble masing2
tak kire la,adik beradik ke,kawan ke,maupun kucing
korang jgn la sesekali buat mcm ni kat hamba Allah yg lain
rimas tau rimas
nk mintk kene sound la tu

haaa ni nak masuk no 3 plak

pantang larang no.3

i dah cakap dah i tak suke,u buat lagi????

bile dah kene sound,hang buat lagi kenapa
tak faham bahasa ker?
nak tukar sign language ker??
mcm ni adik berapa tahun pun lagi bijak laaa
degil degil pun kene berpatotan la .takyah la ikut kate ati tu sgt
hang tu dah besaq
please respect people's request

emo ker kat atas tu?
ala,kalo tak emo tak best plak kan..hehe
tapi siyes la,readers take note la

skrg aku nak ngaku
idea pasl pantang larang ni
aku cilok idea orang
sikit2 je sudahh

and aku pun kengkadang skodeng org o9 buat pe gak
tapi nak skodeng pun bijak la sikit hehe

jadi,marilah aku n kamu semua belaja dari kesilapan masing2
ok,komen mariiiii

Saturday, July 11, 2009

i want to watch...


PUBLIC ENEMIES (johnny depp and christian bale)


pretty please..?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

tongue twisters

she sells some sea shells at the seashore

betty bought some butter but the butter Betty bought was bitter
so betty bought some other butter which was better than the bitter butter

how much wood did the woodchuck chuck?
the wood that the woodchuck chucked is the wood that the woodchuck could chuck.

a few of the many tongue twisters me mam taught me back when i was little.
mummy dearest~ =)

Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels

i don't know how to put my likings to this movie into words...pendek kate,memang mantap in terms of characters,plotting n scripts ~!!!

this is my all-time favourite movie,teman setia mase form 3. cite die dah lame...mase darjah 4 rasenye. bagus utk faham culture Eastern England-ers
boleh dijadikan pengajaran hidup
tapi buang yg buruk ye...

o yea ade beberapa pelakon yg femes gak .u'll be entertained so WATCH IT!!!

not for the naive and innocents

telinga kene peka ngan dialogue sbb die gune Cockney rhymes (dulu susah benar nak faham)
n jgn tgk cite ni dgn subtitle(this will spoil the fun)
ganazz (tapi bagi aku biase la tu)
jgn tgk bile ade parents around.ngehehe

Lesson no 1
cockney rhymes ni slang british kat eastern england gune utk gantikan perkataan yg ada bunyi ujung yg sama. mcm loghat le

contoh: uncle Ned =head, china plate= mate

"something wrong with yr uncle Ned, china?"
err lebih kurg..tu la yg aku igt (dari Mind Your language)
bagi aku slang ni sgt menarik

lesson no 2: lock,stock n two smoking barrels ni sebenarnya english proverb

lock ,stock and barrels
asalnya ,3-3 bende ni komponen rifle.
so,rifle tak bergune kalo salah satu compartment die takde ,ye tak?

if u gather everything into something,and kau focus nak buat sesuatu..nilah dikatakan lock,stock n barrels.
boleh jugak utk terms curahkan segala jenis usaha utk capai tujuan la.

"if u want to be at the top, u have ter lock,stock and barrels!"**winks**

source: ikram n mak..and a lil research of my own
. salah n silap, maaf

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

wednesday morning

pagi ini sejuk
aku tido lbh dr 10jam

and now im famished
smlm buke yogurt orange
kononnye nak gi nusantara but went to sleep instead.

oh yeah guess what..
that 'voice' incident happened again yesterday.
my sleep was interrupted first bcoz noi was getting to bed.
i stole her blanket so i gave it back.

as i was beating my pillow n just about to proceed with my dreams
the not-so sweet voice called. from outside.

just what i needed at 2 in the morning
some effing entity badgering me.

just now i asked noi what was last night all about?
she heard it too that's why she went to sleep.
it wasn't teteh doing nightwatch.

apa-apa je lah.

Monday, July 6, 2009

berhenti buat LI jap

urm...some might know already,my pa's coming for raya.
i already told him bout me & my friends' plan to jakarta(insyaAllah) and he's really excited about it.He's thinking of joining this wonderful expedition

honestly, it's weird for me.
imagine my da' sitting among my male friends,cracking male jokes.
THAT i cannot picture
who knows what he will tell them about me.
this idea itself gives me the shivers

on the other hand,i can't tell u i don't want him here
i like his presence
come on,call me pampered,call me spoiled.
whatever makes ur day =))
i didn't call for him, this is his idea of a different raya.

haha. abah gaduh ngan mak ker smpai nak raya kat sini?
takdelah. nilah MY ABAH.
funny guy. funny funny guy

o yeah,17 rejab ni ultah aku ke -22.
khamis maghrib eyh?
siape sayang aku plz pray for my health,happiness n success.
bulan rejab ni byk2 kan berpuase n beristighfar.

tak sabar nak sambut sya'ban n ramadhan.
ok adieu ~~~
sambung LI balik

Thursday, July 2, 2009

kali ni aku nak post pasal satu poem ni
sbb takde cite psl diri sendiri.

it's very lame & could be an insult to people yg amek English major
,later u'll know tapi aku sukeee.
y?nothing to do with me tapi mungkin sbb aku suke kal penn(huh??)
atau mungkin sbb die guna 2 of my favourite numbers ,3 n 9.

i fear that i will always be a lonely number like square root 3

a 3 is all that's good and right
why must my 3 keep out of sight?
beneath the vicious square root sign
i wish instead i were a 9

for 9 could thwart this evil trick
with just some quick arithmetic
i know i'll never see the sun as 1.7321...

such is my reality
a sad irrationality

but just what is this i see..?
another square root of a 3,

has quietly come waltzing by
together now we multiply
to form a number we prefer
rejoicing as an integer

we break free from our mortal bonds
and with just a wave of our magic wands
our square root signs have been unglued
the love for me has been renewed..

bayangkan kal penn cakap.
comel haha


Sunday, June 28, 2009

cita² dulu n skrg

korang sebelum nak jadi doktor pernah terfikir nak jadi apa?
atau since kecik lagi DOKTOR la impian korang?

ttibe terigt cita-cita masa kecik dulu yg entah apa²
kalau igt balik rasa malu pun ada gak...

ni lah list ambition aku mengikut turutan:

  1. posmen___mase darjah 1...hahaha sbb abg posmen tu hensem n baik,so aku nak jadi macam die.tiap² ari aku tunggu die anta surat depan uma.
  2. lwyer,hakim,wartawan___yg ini aku nga tau sih..rasenye mase ni nak isi kad pelajar jer pun..
  3. doktor___darjah 2 onwards,mmg nilah cita² aku
  4. fashion designer___ jgn ditaya.lupe jap nk jadi dok. i was a wild child giler² gn geng aku
  5. lecturer maths___my backup plan.tapi tak serius pun.
  6. doctor again___starting form3 mule la serius pasal mase depan.
jadi sekarang alhamdulillah,aku dapat la apa yg aku nak.

bile jadi doktor nnt korang nak pursue specialty apaa?
apa-apa ajalah,asalkan ikhlasss


Monday, June 22, 2009

nana~yes,YOU nana!

soalan hari ni:

kenapa nana perlu bergaya?


sebb nana penghias muka bumi.


sekian wasalam.

**balik2 nana? takpe kan nana...hehe

Sunday, June 21, 2009

absent minded

aku jejalan sorang2 kat jatos
lepas group discussion

pegi papa ron

pegi atm

pegi beli CD

pegi pojok busana

pegi beli kelinger burger


tangan aku kosong

tadi mcm pegang sesuatu ,ape die ekk?

aigoOO...tertinggl buku soalan kat atm machine

turun laaa balik escalator tu..

aigoOO...takde dahhh.

careless careless naduuuu

sayang je...

Saturday, June 20, 2009
i like his sleeping pictures
tgk ..chumeyl kan..??ghe he he he

y are u so cute..?

Friday, June 19, 2009

AWARD oscar

A W A R D ! ! !

1. copy award di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda.
  • dh!
2.nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini.
  1. farahain
  • suko beli fashion magazine n suke sopping. kalau jejalan ngn die n kau tak beli apa2 pun,nahaslah kau sbb die akan push kau suro beli.hahaz~!!
  • die tak suke orang bazir mse die,kalo die bazir masa sendiri mcm saye,tapi saye tak pernah bitau org
  • kecomelannya unik..sbb die ada rosy cheeks. mak cik aku ckp die cantik
  • fara grrrrrang!!! n bile die mara2 aku kengkadang akan terasa walopun die mara oang lain.itz not u,itz me darling.huu
  • fara bijak.
2. fun
  • fun mmg suke warna ijau,baik pakaian,anak patung,bantal,pencil case,etc.
  • cik macam aku sikit rasenye...kalo marah fun tak suke keluarkan.die lagi suke diamkan sbb tknk org kene tempias amarahnya tu.
  • muke cik mcm anak patung. mata besar,bulu mate lebat,huyooO
  • cik fun rajin,bijak.
  • fun benci dot dot.
3.setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnye
  • saye dulu tomboy. and kat bale tomboy sekejap jugak.
  • purple fan! tapi hak milik sye tk byk sgt warna purple sbb objek2 yg berwarna purple yg sye jumpe kat mall tak sesuai dgn warna tu.
  • suke gile berenang,sbb pisces?nak sambung course berenang kuak kupu2 (pelik name?ala,yg dolphin tu.) tapi tak jadik sbb conscious bahu besar sgt.badminton jg.
  • saye sgt sensitif n berperasaan, walopun muke tunjuk lain.sbb dari dulu belajar teknik buat muke besi.=P
  • takley pkai sebarangan besi n barang kemas. bile berkebun n daun langgar kepala@berpeluh,senang pruritus.sbb tu suke berenang lagi.
  • saye anemic n hypotensive.pale & kengkadang kekuningan.
  • tak byk ckp sbb suke berangan? ada inferiority complex?bile marah taktau nak channel kan ke mana jadi pilih utk diam redakan kemarahan.
  • saya ngaku,saya slowcoach. ikram pun ckp gitu.blur.
  • suke bace novel..suke lagu2 yg pelik2 & old fashioned. love music.
  • nak jadi surgeon.
4.Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnye dan describe tentang mereka

noi,huda,farahain,cik fun,yayang,nutz,huda ismail,piper,______,_______.
bye bye

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


ade la,aku kene tag kat fb utk jawab 100questions and paste kat Note aku.
one of the questions was-->do u have any regrets in yr life & what would u do to change it, or something like that.

jawapan aku yes.
aku jawab sis was abused by our maid when i was 5,her being 3 & i didn't do anything to stop what was happening.

ada kawan aku yg jawab-what was done's done.
that's right, manusia takleh ubah apa yg dh berlaku

nut sama~
i know i didn't protect u when kak _____ slammed yer head to the wall everytime u refused to have a bath.
all i did was stare and asked kak _____ not to do that to u.
i should have gotten in between the both of u so she couldn't do what she did.

yayang was so small back then.
ikram was a boy,he didn't stick around much,he knew so little.
and i was always there to witness.

i know i did tell u to go and mandi,or else kak_____ would beat u up
i remember complaining this to ikram
i remember how she pretended to be nice and harmless around our parents.
i know we reported this to mom after a while
but that was just it.

when we reminiscent those time ,we first got mad and curious why she did that to u.
we talked about how we'd 'pay her back' now that we've grown so strong.
then we laughed because it was so far away it seems surreal.

our pasts are behind us now.
but i don't know your true memories,i don't know how it affects you
i'm just glad u turned out to be a jovial person,so energetic and such a chatterbox

i can't change the past,but i can do something for the
i will keep on trying to be a better sis for u


Monday, June 15, 2009


it's an italian movie. set in 1940's during the war,when u hear the word italy u think of mussolini

malena. the name of the character. "such ethereal beauty" they say.
'mabella' ,my beautiful. or something like that.
i began to wonder what the story will bring me. sad war story again?

nope.first it gave me this sickly funny feeling.
funny because of the boys's silliness in ogling malena,the goddess in their village.
a few minutes later,it became quite perverted. u know.
what else do u expect when there were so many youngsters and one fine lady in the same place.

but then it got deeper,i began to feel and empathise with malena.
penindasan wanita,i would say.
being pretty ,the villagers couldn't look at her without thinking of nailing her.

poor poor woman. they forget she has feelings. no one there helped her or backed her up.

stupid stupid men.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


bile aku depress...aku nak ngadu kat siapa?

bile aku sedih...aku nak pinjam bahu siapa?

bile aku sakit...siapa nak tolong tengokkan?

bile aku jatuh...siapa nak hulurkan tangan?

Friday, June 5, 2009

ahmad hisham bin long

atau panggilan lainnya abah.
abah,selamat hari jadi...yang ke...jeng jeng jeng ...50tahun!!!

kalau dah birthday,rasenya tak lengkap kalau tak cakap sikit pasal abah.
korang tahan je la bace,dah alang2 buka baca smpai habis tau.

abah anak ke-3 drpd 4. adik bongsu die perempuan,yg lain termasuk abah--> lelaki. asalnya family abah dari perak jadi tak jauh ke mana die dilahirkan,kuala kangsar. bapak abah (atok saye) polis,maknya suri rumahtangga. jadi keluarganya selalu berpindah-randah.

perak,kl,penang,johor,banyak lagi~masa abah skola kat johor, adik abah (mak su) sekolah sama ngn mak. SIGS johor bahru. mak n mak su acquainted gitu2 je rasenya. bile abah masuk MCKK abah kenal plak dgn abang kpd mak saya (pak bong).

macam cerita cinta dlm filem tu..mak kenal adik abah. abah plak kawan abang,boleh kata abah tertarik ngn mak masa abah lawat pak bong time2 cuti sekolah. ehem ehem,ni menurut mak lah.

abah belaja sama U ngan mak.diorang takde dating pun ,nak jumpe ,pak bong yang escort mak.
(terasa aku.hiks).mak abah really complement each other.

itulah abah.die gentleman.betul,aku tak bias~die bapa mithali. kalau mak sakit,abah tolong basuhkan baju (walaupun masukkan baju dlm washing machine je pun).mak pun ,sakit tetap nk wat keje.
abah suke masakkan bubur tuk kitorang. bubur die paling sedap.
die la yg ajar kitorang2 ni makan lala,siput sedut,babat,ikan keli,rebung,paru2,tempoyak & mcm2 lg mknn yg sedap2.
abah sgt kuat! n hensem.n rajin.die bersifat ingin tau semua dlm bentuk teoritikal.tapi abah manusia yang aneh sikit.die benci social life.bila die marah dia lg suke diam.i know where i get this trait from...but why didn't i inherit his other good qualities?

abah suke gadgets,ping pong,rugby,watching news,baca buku ilmiah & planting trees. Rumah kita macam utan simpan endau rompin thanks to abah lah.
mak kata,abah gentleman,tapi sebenarnya die cave man. ha ha. orang gua,survival instinct kuat. he's really adventerous.

kalau kitorang travel jb-kl patut 4jam dh smpi kan?tapi kalau ngn abah,u bertolak pukul 10pagi,u smpai pukul 11malam. honest!! he deviates a bit,ada la felda mana dia usha,jalan kampung mana dia lalu. seksa kalau jalan ngn dia,nasib baik dh biasa.
berkali2 jugak la kitorang tido dalam keta 6orang sekeluarga sbb jalan smpi jauh malam. selalu tmpt die pegi takde hotel. adventerous,yes. bahaya,lagi lahh.

time tu tension la jg,tapi skrg fikir balik seronok pun ada.

korang still nak denga pasal my abah????
geez korang mesti takde keje,kan?? pegi belaja sna!!

aku bukan anak manja abah,tapi tipu jugak kalau kata tak manja.
once again,abah!!! happy birthday!!!
semoga abah dipermudahkan rezeki selalu dengan umur yang dipenuhi dgn keberkatan daripd Allah taala.

a day in bandung~~

naik bus.
sebelum tu beli dunkin' donut kat stesen bus .
aku ngantok sgt dlm bus. my joints hurt before i even started walking..sbb dlm bus tak beberapa selesa.hehehehehe

tak berapa lame lepas damri jalan tibe2 mata aku segar.sbb ada 2orang lelaki start main gitar n gendang.
some people don't like them go 'busking' n ngamen,mintk duit. but i always enjoy these people when they perform their 'mini show'. kengkadang nyanyiannya sumbang,tapi kali ni aq bole layan sekali la. suara die sedap la jugak.kagum jugak bile tgk budak ni begitu berperasaan menyanyi.lagu die sedap2 ,boleh tahan.

first destination BIP.takde apa sgt. aku window shop je. farah la,beli kasut tumit kat Zacs,cantik~~~~. Noi beli blouse pjg,comeyl~~~~~~
lepas tu gi chiwalk.Dian beli jeans.Fara n Dian bukan main lagi nak suruh aku beli baju.sbb aku belum beli apape lagi .huhu last2 aku surrender,terpikat ngn satu baju dark purple ni. hehehe. then huda plak beli kasut,sexy~~~~. korang!!! take note,kasut2 nilah yg akan dipakai pada malam menyambut ari keputraan.

ada la satu masa ni singgah maybelline,baik2 takde customer kat situ tibe2 je ramai lepas kitorg datang.betullah,customer attracts another customer.
pegi shinmen!!!! sushi!! i love unagi!!! sedap~~

and then sewa angkot utk balik. best best sesangat pegi bandung tadi 5 orang~~~~~cume penat sgt nak menaip nih.jadi tak larat dah.lepas ni ada lagi satu post nak wat.

muax muax.lain kali kita pergi lagiye~

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


yesz insomnia,lepas aku balik cuti.

tak percaya aku ada insomnia.
(pndai² je kate insomnia...lebih kurang la..)
akulah makhluk yg paling senang tido walau dimana aku berada.

first night tido kat umah lepas holi takde masalah
satu malam tu aku tido kat uma aimi temankan bie, aku takleh tido sbb bunyik haiwan² dari bumbung dan luar tingkap yg menggoyangkan pokok halang ak dri tido. haaihh..

mlm lg stu plak..kat bilik aku nih..haaaa~~~aku denga suare~~
kira² pukul 3 a.m(?) aku terjaga sbb mate aku gatalllll sgt. aku kene cerita pasal mata aku sbb ni point penting ni. slame aku garu mata aku tu,noi sniffing² seperti yg biase die lakukan sbb die allergy & saphira kucingku mengiau² smbil mencakar kerusi.

aku pun baring semula lepas mata aku tak gatal lagi.
baru je aku nak selubung ngan selimut aku dengar suara org...memanggil²..
bila pikir balik aku sebenarnya tak tau apa perkataan yg disebutkan,tapi perkataan tu berulang-ulang. masa tu aku agak die panggil name aku la,tapi rase bkn kot. tak kesah,yg penting dua suku kata.
contoh perkataan" menang~menang`menanggg~~~~~"

yg hujung tu kene mendayu² ye,itu pasti.
aku pun tutup muka aku ngn selimut. die ulang balik,

haihhh tension btollllll
bulu roma ku tak meremang sgt tapi yg penting aku tak boleh pura² pekakkan telinga.
aku mmg pasti bende tu 'special' sbb die dekat je ngn telinga aku.tak mungkin jiran aku.

tak tahan lepas 2 minit,aku istighfar kuat kuat

eiks. senyap sunyi~~~~
noi ngn kucing ku yang memecahkan kesunyian malam tu pun tak berbunyi lagi dah.

errr...aku still nervous sbb mane la tau kan,tibe² ada yg tunjuk muka plakk
jadi aku baring je la bawah slimut
and aku takleh tido smpi subuh.
tak boleh nafas pun biar lah asal aku tak terkejut beruk dengan kejadian lain pula.


Monday, May 25, 2009

sigs mate

muh school bestie. die pandai bertolak ansur,jarang marah²,mesra,suka sgt yunho oppa dlm tohoshinki n anything about korea. spesies pemalu ngn laki ,mcm aku. Inilah huda anak pak ismail. belaja law kat uia.

holi ni aku spend time mostly ngn dia sbb tk jumpe die mase raye.sorry salah n silap aku dulu.hee.layan cite thailand 'fireball' yg ganaz tu, rasenye kite je yg wat bising eh? sbb barbaric betul la citer die

dulu mase sekolah die masuk band,tapi tak lame.then jadi music student, same ngn aku. prefect.anak bongsu.mase form 4 & 5 kite tak brape berhubungn tapi bukan sbb ape2 pun.
huda kaki F4 ,paling suke Ken.

aritu pakwe die anta merry brown kat die.comel kan?tapi aku tolong makan sekali.ha ha ha.
and pakwe die kate aku makin berisi....err...whatever.

hud. sori again sbb taruk gmbo kao pki towel. cute what~~(ala,ko sendiri ckp tibai je ,kan?) hee


adalah satu hari masa cuti, aku ngn parents aku baru balik dari membeli peralatan ,nak beli pisang goreng.

"mak,jgn pergi sini ,kedai ni tak sedap"
'ye lah bang, kat atas tu kan garing lagi,pergi yg kat atas tu'
"betul² sane lagi best" bapak aku setuju

jadi kitorang pergi la park depan kedai yg kononnya pilihan terbaik tu.

mcm biasa,akulah yg kene beli. rm5 kat dalam tangan sbb nak beli byk sikit . orang kat umah ramai. "mak nak ubi" . ok set, aku tau ubi faveret mak aku

sampai depan warung tu aku terdiam kejap. sbb aku konpius makanan depan aku tu keledek atau ubi. ehem ehem,aku mcm ni orangnya. blur sikit.
time tu betullah aku pikir tu keledek,tapi aku tak sure so aku tanye

"abang ni keledek ke ubi?" dengan muka yg penuh innocent n mau tau

pehhh abang tu dgn muke kerek mcm mintak disekeh menjawab soalan aku tu dgn soalan jugak:

'ek eh,keledek pun tak tau??'

ape² la bang. nasib baik die tak jawab- lu pikirlah sendiri-
aku hot gak,dah la tgh pki sweater. tapi maintain cool la of course.

"yela ye la nak keledek ni blah blah blah"

die plak smpat lagi cakap
"keledek pun tak tau. isk ishk isk"

aku baru je nak cakap something die terus kata "tau la baru balik dari bandung"


pardon,excuse moi?did i hear right??

i don't even know u. tu yg musykil tu. aku tgk muke die elok² ,mane tau if he was my long lost ass'o-of -a-friend.

tak kenal pun. aku tanye bapak aku kenal tak brader tu ,die tak kenal.
so smpi skrg kejadian tu jadi tanda tanya utk aku.
it was SICK and it made me anxious.

Monday, May 11, 2009

what made me forget to on9 everyday~~~

1. bagi hadiah kepada orang yg tertentu & ape² brgn bandung yg dipesan. I could really make money if i sell all those things back i tell u. (main² je..)

2.tolong -mercy again kat taman perling ~!! yeay!! it was fun. i made new friends from monash,the youngest are of 3rd year & they are already doing clinical. So aku paling muda.. akkhh malunyer (>.<). my post was at the dispensary. what exposures & experience~

3.pegi Melaka! naik Taming Sari,haha. tak pergi naik 'Eye on Melaka' ferris wheel. good view there but it took u longer to queue than the time they gave u in the taming sari.just once,try it! jom cuti² melaka. Jejalan kat Taman Botanical..saje. gi umah auntie..

4.funny(pelik,not the kelakar funny),lepas balik malam sabtu ,besok ahadnya pergi Kl pulak? balik only to send my sis home bcoz she has a tuition class? abah drive tak penat ker??
there tido kat KL plaza (yg mall nye dh tutup tapi still ade suite)which was quite creepy bcoz it's old &...dangerous at nite( for girls,in my opinion).

2 rooms but i slept at the sofa.hah! y? sbb yg ade time tu aku,ikram,and abah mak. abah mak can't sleep with the 2 of us sbb kitorg suke sepak org mase tido..& ikram had a rough day so...go figure.

besoknya i swam swam swam swam at the pool. kimochi desu~~~!!!!!!!!

6. read books books books. studied a bit. i didn't get to read Meg Cabot's 'Size 14 is not fat either' before,so i grabbed my opportunity and proceeded with reading it's final trilogy 'Size doesn't matter'. Cooper so cuteeee~~~

abah always give me that look. u knw,dgn dahi berkerut & u really can't miss what he's thinking " kamu dah blaja belum arini" or maybe " asyik bace buku cite je budak ni". hehe i'm just taking my own sweet time..

7.ikram balik jb!!!!!! malam tu je die terus ajak main, i flunked it way too much.but i'm getting better.

8. worked at the laundremat.not. ha....i just did the laundry.laundry. laundry. and aku berjaya masak asam pedas ikan kembung pertama aku!!! yay.tehehe.nmpk sgt tk slalu masak.

9.movies baby! not at the cinema.some of my days are just spent with me lying like a corpse in front of my lappy watching something with earfon plugged into my ears. my sis said i had this emotionless expression while watching.

pendek kate: btol² tak terpikir nk on9 slalu.huhu jgn mare huchan N nan

Sunday, April 26, 2009


PART 4: JUDICium~~~&%#& (khamis)

haha ! kat atas tu bukannya nak menunjukkan perkataan2 yg sepatutnya disunting ttapi nk menunjukkn kekusutan kepala mengenangkan hari yg mendebarkan & membuatkan teras badanku rasa kurang enak..

tahniah! ecah and luqman sbb dpt anugerah best student for 2nd year.alhamdulillah~
luqman,dpt anugerah, besok arinya dr.tiaw plak pggil name kau. omedetou gozaimasu futaritomo !!!~~ (did i say this right? congratz d 2 of u!)

debo yg amat.mcm byk btoi kecoa dlm perut aku nih..yelah,dah la repro aku fail soca, time sem3 aku fail osce plak. dh le die kate ade yg tak promoted. aku ker?? cabaran,cabaran. "ape la yg aku dpt nnt". aku rase aku pndg dr.tiaw tak lepas2, tunggu je la mase die pggil nme aku.

"nadiah ahmad hisham". ok,aku bangun. yela,senyum je la..kite kene control perasaan.
aku capai kertas result aku,tak jeling sebelah mate pun kat kertas aku. salam dulu dosen2 like Dr.atik & dr.suryo and others(sori tk mention name).

aku gi belakang,jauh sikit dari Noi yg tadinya dok seblah.

YEZZAH!!!! alhamdulillah~~~!!!!!
ehem.markah tak la semantap mane.
tapi aku amat bersyukurrrrr aku dpt ape yg aku nk.

aku nak nangis,tapi tk mampu.sbb mata aku selalu kering.hee
yay,bincang pasal remedial. aku tak amek..after so much push-n-pull with my conscience.
remed? x remed? remed? x remed?

last2 aku decide tak amek bcoz i thought better of things. sesape yg nk membantah bantahlah,tk puas hati,nak compare markah aku,silakan.but this is my life.not yours. i should make myslf hepi & satisfied,not for u ,not for anyone else.

semoga remed korang membuahkan hasil. fighting~!!!!!

PART5 : bdAY ISA n i'm missing home...........(ahad)

aku gi sayang celebrate bday ise.
sengal btol~~~aku takde payong (n malas nk pki payung noi)-->so aku pkai ponco.
mule2 igt nk naik ojeg..ek eh..kosong plak.
ehem,jadi aku naik angkot.alamakkkkkkk ade plak student mesia 3 orang kat dlm.
aku yg terbungkus ,gaye mcm eskimo ni mcm nak lompat keluar je dari angkot tu.
mmg btol aku wish lantai angkot tu berlubang ,boleh aku sembunyik.
ha.ha. sbb diorg gelakkan aku kaw-kaw punye. bajet aku tktau la.hahaha
malu mmg malu tapi pd mse yg sme ak suke.bukan ape,aku suke gelakkan diri sendiri.
saje nak hepi hepi.

naik ojeg dari segitiga BRIMOB tu ha.
yay!!!! isa ngn hadi dtg sm2 .sebelum tu melencong dulu. pandai hang berlakon hadi,nak kelentong isa punye pasal.
we ate cake! and ayam masak merah,sayur with labu masak lemak. yummmm~!!!!
Hepi bedday isa!!!! jumpe Bie and mom..later aku balik ngn hadi,faiz n nik tumpang....
sorry,tapi aku dh penat menaip..aku rindukan rumah.tak ramai dtg tadi....sbb ramai dah balik.

yg tak balik,isi mase dgn sebaiknya. see the world u guys!!
and remed lek-lok!

Home-Michael Buble........


malam tu kitorang dtg lmbt sikit ke 'rumah gedek' molana,dimana Annual Dinner TWP 07 diadakan. Temanya M.I.S.M.A.T.C.H~~~

apakah mismatch tu?menurut ruleznya kene pkai 2 warna @<, and kene pkai accessories. pendek kate mesti serba tak kene la. Kalau bab buat keje gile ngn extreme ni mmg aku bersungguh.Belajar tknk plak mcm tu ,haihh..tapi thanks to Aimi,die yg byk sumbgkan jasa & bakti kat aku. aimi ni sporting la,patot jadi nominees tau! anywayz, semua org dtg dgn props yg pelbagai. comel2 belaka i tell u~~!!!

makanan --> tomyam! ikan bkr! ayam ! puding!bubur pulut itam! etc (sori kalau tertggl mane2 makann yg korg buat). MEMANG MANTAPS! lepas ni tkyah jadi doc,terus bukak catering je. lagi byk duit,ye tak? huhu

makan,makan...then bertukar hadiah. hehe saya bagi orang a gift from Safari park,saya dapat la hadiah dari situ juga. Sweet cuddly tiger cub in a bag with botol susu, from ecah.Thanx~=)

Saat yg dinanti2 kan-->AWARD. iyelah,ade pemenang lame,ade pemenang baru. . cume saye berharaap sgt satu award nomination ni diadakan...MIss & mR .pervert. hahahaahaha byk calon2 ni. (oh,plx don't giv me that look~) takpe next year kite usulkn lagi.

mcm tahun lepas,jamuan makan ni btol2 shari seblum Judicium. bak kate pak ketua batch-->kite gembira dulu sebelum ape2 pun.hehe.layan.

words aren't enuff to express the feelings we develop at such times, like what i felt during that night. happy!that's all i can come up with.we had joy,we had fun..and we always have seasons in the sun (bcoz we live here,obviously). mase kat situlah tibe2 terpikir dah nak masuk 3rd year dah.hukhuk.whaddup nadya,r u prepared???

sebelum mengakhiri cerita, nk bitau ,korang malam tu best! & i really hope TWP 07 sticks together stronger than UHU ~ uhuh uhuh uhuh uhuh uhuh (gaye ym).ciao

Friday, April 24, 2009



mule² aku nk cakap pasal trip aku,huda,noi,hanim n opie jejalan satu bandung
ari sabtu,naik karimun orange yg tak berapa nak cun laaa...Mule ² opie drive..

kite ke ITB!! alamak lupe plak name penuh die,(alaa yg kite buat tarian tradisional tahun lepas tu)

haaaa kat situ sebenarnya diadakan INTERNATIONAL DAY,boleh la jumpe budak Laos,Czech Republic,etc~~~and guess what (what?), booth budak Malaysia kitorang buat jualan makan² & pakaikan inai kat orang.alaaa ,yg mcm kat jatos! hahah paling meriah rasenye.
persatuan Carpoeira Bandung ade buat show sikit,ade juga band main lagu tradisional. berdasarkan pemerhatian aku carpoiera ni punye Grading lbh kurg cam taekwando a,mule² putih,kuning,oren,then hijau.sbb yg tampil ke depan tu makin lame makin hebat lak gaye die.

Carpoeira ni sebenarnya martial art,initiated by budak² afrika yg keje kat brazil. tujuan die untuk protect diri dari ketua hutan yg zalim gak,slalu kejar diorg ni. sampai satu mase budak² afrika ni takde keje sbb brazil import pekerja dari italy,etc. so diorang nk isi mase tu buat jahat la sikit² sambil mengamalkn carpoeira ni( time ni plak diorag start gune pisau dlm carpoiera). so publik pikir bende ni tak berpaedah so die diharamkan tapi thanks to mestre diorg,carpoiera boleh dikatakan di-salvage kembali so sekarg die dikenali sbgai martial art cum art (walopun die punye kredibiliti sbgi martial art tu dipertikaikn)

next destination!!! HERITAGE
Bukn bfoya² ,i was really on a mission
mak aku dh pesan awal² ha,"nadh ngn ikram nak pesan baju shirt kat heritage yg ade muke² tu"
ok laaaaaaaa ikot je laaaa

dah heritage kite gi BIP
takde ape ,round kejap then gi HANAMASA !!!!
saje nk merase sekali.hohoho all u can-eat,kau bayar 80rib then kau mkn je la mane yg kau mampu.bufet style.see,the thing is,we went there with just the 3 of us & spent about 2hr and half makan,makan,dan makan!!!!! perut memang dah siap-sedia nk terima segala jenis mknn, be it grilled or steamboat-ed.
kitorg memang kebuloq,sampaikn orang tu terpaksa 'tutupkan' api grill kitorang
(die nk halau secare halus &lemah lembut konon)

dah nak maghrib ni...penat btol. Huda plak ganti drive.
kitorang putar² la satu bandung ni haaa..nak cari stesen minyak(forgot to bring map),
lagi pg petshop untuk beli cat litter Saphirah. amboi² demi mu miaow aku sanggup.
masalahnye,kitorg punye sense of orientation tak berapa nk btol la .hahah pengalaman pengalaman~~

mission accomplished!! tinggl opie je nk book tables for dinner diorg.
kiotg gi DAGO ATAS~~~
we tried the valley first. very bleak.& expensive.all-u-can-eat principle,but hanamasa better.sgt mahal!!! takpe la kite sje usha tmpt kan.
so lastly gi kopi ireng. (siape bce notes aku before ni tau la gemana kopi ireng ni)

ireng is black. so literally it means, black coffee. orang melayu ckp kopi 'O'.
Opie nak try kopi luwak. korang tau tak ape tu kopi luwak???
die...kopi...yg ...bijinya..diambil...dari....biawak droppings!!!!
get it? ala,penah dengarkan yg biji kopi diproses dari tahi kelawar.
mahal gile kopi² species gini.aritu opie kene byr 56rib(more less).
experience punye pasal.kitorang pun numpang rase. memang pahit,but i'd like to quote coffee lovers "pahit utk kopi tu satu pujian" semua pmint kopi yg aku jumpe says the very same thing.=). kopi luwak ni pahit,tapi sedap. cume kalo aku la..aku tak berapa suke sgt kepahitan tu. maybe sebab aku ni tea person. that night everybody was laid back,relaxing & enjoying the view of Bandung..mmg tenang.

ni haa lagi satu nk ckp.bile balik...dah kat hi-way dah ni...korang tau tak..kite termasuk jalan nk gi JAkarta?????JAKARTA, of all places!!?? nk tau cite camane termasuk tanye la kami ni sendiri in person.hoho aku yg dah kenyang ni ape lagi,tidooOOO. haha kesian huda die yg drive, org kat blkg buat hape ntoh.

kite pun baliklah.alhamdulillah slmt pulang~~amacam? byk tak trip kitorang kali ni.serius aku tak penah gi tmpt sebanyak ni sepanjang trip aku gi bandung.hahah what a life~!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

iriguchi deguchi nadiah desu~!!!

Assalaamualaikum semua!

bile nk tulis ni taktau nk tulis ape plak
hmmm cakap psl OSCE je la dulu.
alhamdulillah sejarah yg kasik trauma & phobia kat aku tak berulang.
fiuhh~wallahualam kalau benda yg sama berlaku lagi.
dah la PE allergy tu dukter kerapkali interrupt gue.
thanks isa N diana sbb tolong enlighten me about what 'she' wants

ada yg bersedih ker?
saya turut berdukacita.betul,saya empathise.
but u dont need anyone's empathy! u need only this:


kenapa DA BOMB?
da Bomb sbb kau hebat.

kenapa hebat?
sbb kau tabah

kenapa tabah?
sbb kau terima ujian Allah ni sgn sabar!!

tak kire la,sesiapa la yg bace ni
kau fail ke, kecewa( bukan kecoa) dalam hidup ke,kekurangan kasih sayang,budak Twinning,adik beradik aku,kengkawan zaman skolah,,,,
pahit mmg pahit.
ingat je ni!!!
kau dpt challenge ni sbb kau je yg boleh tahan,orang len tak boleh.

tahniah.u have been selected by The Almighty to face this Obstacle.

dah dah. korang tau kan pasal pertandingan blog PKPMI tu?check it's website
i was thinking of joining, but i thought the better of it. ha!
antara ruleznya bahasa kena sopan & bberapa lagi. First requirement aku dah tak boleh fulfill,and aku suke kebebasan dalam berbicara n what i mean is aku bebas cakap pasal benda yg merepek.

tapi blog contest tu mmg topik bebas.sesiapa yg berminat join la!
the judges would be noi and her comrades~( i think)
and maybe ade plus points kalo korang hias² sikit page,aku rase je la.

topik ke-3
...................takde idea.........
somebody please plug my idea vomit back in right away!!!

by the way,,,,,mr.chairman smokes. ~(*@*)~ akira shock!!!(tak la shock sgt)
hot indicator drastically plunges~!!!!!

aku dh lapa dah
ok, as the French will say their goodbye's,,,,,AU REVOIR~~

Friday, March 13, 2009

a few lines that bear heavy meanings

be a master of your anger, then you are a winner

have faith in the person whom your put you faith into trusts.
that means,me.
get it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

abang aku ade awek dahhh huhu

buat semua yg mengenali diri ini
....dan abang aku..ehem2.

DENGAN INI diumumkan bahawa Ahmad Ikram bin Ahmad Hisham telah mendedahkn si manis yg berjaya menambat hatinya, setelah 22 tahun hidup di muka bumi ini tanpa awek -->Nur Ain binti Shahrom (kalau salah name jgn marah) .

Diharap semua bertenang.Tolong jangan tanya saya maklumat lanjut kerana saya TIDAK TAHU apa2 pun mengenai awek die ni.

Saya nak mengambil kesempatan ini utk menyampaikan rasa tidak puas hati + bersyukur saya walaupun perasaan saya ini mempunyai kebarangkalian tuk tidak sampai di telinga abang saya ni. Mana tidak, dapat tahu dari facebook. tu pun ternampak album die dengan awek die ni.

Pertama sekali, saya sangat berdukacita dgn Mr.Ikram kerana gagal mberitahu kami,adik2 yg disayanginya ,lebih awal dari orang lain mengenai gadis yg manis disebutkan tadi. Bahkan abg saudara kami yg tinggal di Melbourne mndapat berita ini lebih awal dari kami. apecite ikram??????? pehallll,aku dh ckp dh awal2 kalo ade awek bitau akuu.byk kali dah.bukannye susahh punn. haishhhh

namun begitu,tahniah!!! awek kamu agk comel & manis. Dia memberikan imej ayu dan sopan. InsyaAllah peribadinya lebih mantap dari luaran Mukanya iras2 roomate aku kat matriks. Kamu nampak bahagia..kalau kamu bahagia,aku bahagia. Tapi pastikan kamu seriusss!!! jgn permainkan hati perempuan!! aku yakin,kamu bukan lelaki sebegitu. ha!

Dan wahai Nur Ain,saya sgtlah berharap kamu sedar betapa beruntungnya kamu dapat berkenalan dengan anak Pak hisham ni. Walaupun abg saye garang & berdarah panas,die penyayang & protektif. U have my consent..hohoho

semoga hubungan lelaki muslim & muslimah dijaga dengn baik ketika bercinta.u guys take care. & WATCHOUT....i got my eyes on both of u.hoho

merepek bangetsss

7 ciri lelaki idaman saya

fizikal:tinggi dr sye,tak gelap tak cerah,muke sejuk mata memandang n unik,& kene fit!

background:agama kene bgus(utk didik sye),family maybe middle class,bukan duda,tak kisah org negeri mane.haa~kalau boleh tknk anak sulung or bongsu.huu

peribadi:hoho. yg nakal sikit tapi baik. yg sgt memahami saya(pling penting sbb sye ni pelik sikit perangai),ego kene medium je(tk thn ego gile2 ni),orangnye kene menarik selaluuuu(sbb sye cpat bosan), and kalau die suke saya die kene ckp terus terang yg die suke.huhu *geli le plaks

pelajaran & kerjaya: asalkan lebih bagus sikit dr sye dh ok. takmoh org kaye,nak org yg senang. Dia kene fhm aku keje jadi doc(nnt)

(ni dh lebih dr 7 tapi korg bace je laaa)

7 lelaki yang pernah saya minati [cinta?]

nak cite semua bole?

1st: abg sedare aku sbb die slalu jage aku sblum skola.hahahha ni kene manjekan la ni.
2nd:Romualdo & Tarabas dalam citer 'Cave of the golden rose' darjah 2
3rd:budak laki skola SAB. ntohh,mase tu nk buat teater show utk pandu puteri.
4th:budak lelaki misteri.'TOM'. we exchange mails.
5th:FArid,budak skolah agama mase darjah 6.btapa kciwanya aku bile dpt tau die sudah ada awek.aaahh~~(mase ni mcm serius utk umur masa tu)
6th:form1-3 aku suke bersocial sikit. jaadi.......haa..Liang(chinese) sama tusyen....F', tusyen jgk,aku penah belanje die coke sbb aku suke die
7th:Khairul Faiz bin Fawazul Khair.ok yg ini berbalasss.orgnya tinggi,tapi kurus bangetss.die debate English,slalu dpt best speaker.Bapaknye pensyarah fizik kat Utm, orgnya berhati lembut,tapi kaki gadoh.(how's that). faiz, thanks for the memories.
8th:cuci mate cuci mate time mtrik. z .z .z .z. z. .z**********************hahahah
9th:sekarang??? ntohh..Z'...tapi...taktu skrg.ntohh..takde perasaan lg kot.

atas yg pernah saya minati.tapi yg saya sayang slamenye abah & ikram..rinduuuu korangggg

7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan orang yang diminati [cinta?]

-cuaks! debo laaa
-speechless,mulut mcm kene jahit,berpeluh sejuk (so die kene rileks &talkative)
-takut die pegang tgn, dont!!!!!
-nak tersenyum je rasenye
-kalau artis i mintak autograph.hahaha

7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama orang yang tersayang

aku skrg ni fikir family aku jer
-jepung( i like their culture)
-england,ireland,scotland (castles! stonehenge!celtic language.uuhhhahhh)
-italy ,greece (very very historical)
-australia & new zealand (sebenarnya nk tgk aborigine & kangaru& koala!)
-caribbean(pantai yg sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt cantikkkk~~~ subhanallah~)
-walopun dh lebih....brazill(really nice waterfall)

7 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang mungkin dihadiahkan buat orang tersayang

ooh mungkin bagi org tersayang
ikram-baju,perfume,tie,bende yg merepek sikit
nutto-stuff pertaining to arts & self expression(ikram pun same sebenarnya)
yayang-bear! fluffy things!cute things! ape2 yg cacat!

7 Lagu yang anda nyanyikan untuk orang tersayang

yg pernah aku dedicate utk Bf aku 'my only one-yellowcard'(actually die yg start dulu).....these words-Natasha Bedd'......if i aint got u-alicia keys......pieces of me-adik jessica simpson(lupe che')

utk kengkawan; Vitamin C graduation song , hanya memuji,where is the love-BEP,,seasons in the sun, piano songs i played myself(skrg dh lupe)-->a song for u, Lagu kanak2,Marriage d'amor,Fur elise,phantom of the opera,Qing fei de yi,This old man.

utk family..where is the love jgk..lagu Queens,lagu beegees,MJ,Abba,boney M,(semua nyanyi dlm kete) pendek kate lgu2 lame. hahaha M.nasir,Pramlee,sheila majid,Richard Clayderman Collection of classical pianos)

7 thing about the person that TAG u..

fara& noi, i wont oblige to thisss!!!!hehehehe

Friday, February 6, 2009

menyelami perasaan sendiri..

manusia ni la kan..mmg takleh lari dari berlawn dgn diri sendiri
terutama skali aku
korang pernah tak buat satu kecuaian & korang beeenciii gila dengn diri korang sendiri,sampi korg kutuk diri habis2an . ade la satu bende berlaku kat rumah aku,mybbkan huda memarahi dirinya sendiri.

aku pun ckp la,"takyah le marah diri sendiri. don't be hard on yourself. no one's blaming u"

tak masuk 5 saat aku cakap ayat diatas,aku terdiam.


sebab aku teringat ,baru je petang tadi lepas klas aku maki hamun diri aku.

tak boleh nak salahkan aku jugak.sebab aku dah kene stimulasi yg menusuk jantung& kalbuku berkali2 dlm jangka masa seminggu setengh.. bayangkan jelah diri korang ditikam,bukan dengan apa2 pisau,pembuka envelope, hanya dgn kata2 sahaja. Kata2 kan lagi tjm dari pisau.kalau kene tikam skali je takpe,sempat tak,taknak chronic exposure plak tu.

kata2 beserta dengan 'pengabaian'. pengabaian macam mane tu?senang ckp..pilih kasih.ha,aku rase hidup aku mmg takleh lari dari org yg berat sebelah ni. tapi parents aku takde kene mengena dlm hal ini. taktau la knape..aku tak cantik?aku tk ckup pndai mengmbil hati?aku tak pandai?aku tak ...ape lg?

korang selesaikan la formula ni..kene tikam+kene abai=>respon yg spatutnya???
mesti la perasaan amarah & dendam
kalau org yg lebih berilmu,mungkin akn lbh bertawakkl kpd yg Esa.
tapi aku,apa yg aku buat.....aku maki diri sendiri. itulah die...

knpe perlu aku salahkn diri sendiri?padhl semua ni bukan aku yg mulakan,tapi knp aku yg kene?
serius aku ckp,apa yg aku hadapi ni memang btul2 mencabr integritiku sebagai seorang student.
lepas puas marah2,tindk balas tak terkawal pun terjadi. aku yg selama ni kononnye bermuka besi,akhirnya mengalah juga pada emosi sendiri.

tadi aku terjumpa diary aku ketika zmn matriks dulu.selak punye selak,terjumpalah satu helai kerts ni.tak igt la dr mane aku dpt. korg bacelah & hayatilah.

'bila engkau memandang segalanya dari Tuhanmu,yg menciptakn sgalanya,yg mencampakkn ujian,yg menjadikn hati sakit,yg membuatkn keinginn mu terhalang,serta menyusahkan hidupmu..pasti akan damailah hatimu krn masakan Allah sengaja mentakdirkan segalanya utk sesuatu yg sia2.

Bukan Allah tak tahu deritanya hidupmu,retaknya hatimu. Mungkin itulah yg dia mahukan,dia tahu hati yg sebeginilah yg selalunya lbh lunak & mudah utk dekat dgnnya...."

mmg menenangkan hati,menyejukkn kalbu.
ye betul,myb aku leka baru2 ni,Allah sj nk bagi peringatan supaya aku buat reflection tntg diri sendiri. of coz,adalah hikmah yg cube nak disampaikan. sikit2 nnt jantung aku jadi kental kot,tough sikit ke.Wallahualam.tapi aku nekad-->aku nk jadi lebih baik dari semalam. & apa yg aku usahakan akan menentukan hari esoknya.

disini aku nk amek peluang to say trimass kpd 2 org yg sudi berdiri di sebelahku & menyumbgkn masa utk mendengar keluhan aku. kamu tahu kamu siapa.tq

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

KOpi ireNg~~jalan2 cari makan!! yumm

my sis

KOpi ireNg~~dago atas,bandung

Dago Atas, a.k.a Bukit Pakar Timur Ciburial; tak berapa jauh dari bandar Bandung, 45minit drive maksimum. 45 minit ni pun sbb traffic jam je terutamanya malam sabtu,jadi sesiapa yg teringin nak pergi jangan ragu2 lagi.

bagaimana mahu ke sana?korang ikut je papan jalan yang tunjuk ke arah dago. lepas tu,perhatikan papan tanda tu betul2. cari perkataan ini-->SIERRA VIEW. ni penting ni,jangan leka berbual sampai lupa nak check direction.

bila korang dah naik bukit ni,korang jalan terus jer. (nak lg fhm,google jer senang)
nota peribadi** naiklah kereta dengan muatan paling kurang 5 orang, sebab jalan ke sana agak gelap & tdak meyakinkan. sampaikan satu jalan ni kiri kanan pelita je. romantik + horror. haha
tak salah aku,dalam sederet restoran yang pjg tu,kopi ireng number dua paling last. kire near dead end la.

kopi ireng memang BERBALOI.bagi kami sekeluarga,termasuk noi & huda.

aku yg rase mengantuk tu terus segar tengok kopi ireng yg tersergam indah depan mata.
dengan lampu kuning nya yg romantik,satu karakteristik spesial kopi ireng ni bangunannya diperbuat dari kayu.KAYU yang diukir dengan penuh nilai kesenian. bagi org yg suka akan kesenian (seperti aku), kopi ireng mmg mengagumkan dari segi arkitektur.
tapi aku risau juga,nnt2 takut kena mkn anai2.

cameo dua sahabiah ku

ok,jom periksa menu dia.
jus 10-12rib
loinsteak 33rib
spaghetti bolognese 23rib
sup ekor 34rib
pbaru gurame (?) 42rib-->tak igt sgt apekah mknn ini
beryani kmbing 23rib
ayam goreng 12rib (mahal kot)
kitorang 9 orang 450rib. OK WATTT?

bagi penggemar kopi,kopi ireng lah salah satu cafe yg diuruskan/disediakan oleh seorang 'pakar kopi' lokal disini. Memang ramailah yang mengakui kehebatan die ni.aku bukan org temptn,apatah lagi penggemar kopi. tambhn plak,taste org lain2. aku tahu quite a number gak dari kite yg 'coffee freaks'.haha so ,go see for it yourselves!

restoran lain dalam deret yg sama-->the Valley,sierra view,Lela noodles,stone cafe. 200meter sebelum kopi ireng ada restoran lesung (2nd best by viewers poll),Fashion pasta italian food ,Warung igelanca-->sediakan italian+ bali food.

kat Dago atas jg ada Tmn mari baya-utk jogging.kolam air panas.
3jam turun-->dago tea house.
Dago tea house ni restoran+ persembahan kesenian+muzik tradisional. Totally my thing tapi bapak aku tak suke,jadi kitorang ikot je taste bapak aku

pendapat orang lain2, ade yg kate takde perasaan je bile makan kat situ,and said,sekali cube dah cukup kot.terpulang,rasa sendiri baru korang tau..aku suke je pegi sana,dari kopi ireng boleh nampak view satu bandung,yes 'bandung nite life'.
boleh berangan,boleh lepak2 ngn member,boleh berdating..(?), boleh bergambar. cume satu je tak boleh____belaja la....sebb gune lampu kuning.sakit mate huhu

bile nak balik,patah balik je jalan tadi sampai turun bukit. tak ada masalah. lagi satu,dicadangkan pergi lepas maghrib & b4 isyak.lepas tu je people just come rushing in to fill their stomach.
sesiapa berminat,boleh pinjm diskaun kad aku,dpt 10% discount.hoho

give me your feedback!!! i need your feedback! tinggalkan komen anda!

Monday, February 2, 2009

B.I.J.A.K VS a 'bijk'

'BIJAK' means you are a smarty pants yeah. it's simple bahasa melayu

on the other hand,calling others a -bijk- gives off the wrong vibe ,all the waay looOng man

yes,i didn't miss any's B.I.J.K
Where's the missing A? i hope it's gone to my future set of results!

B.I.J.K.... is that even a word?what does that even mean??? Oh,i DO get the message u are sending.

are u trying to be witty or something?wanting to sound like u are articulate maybe??

is bijk the NEW-HOT-STUFF here??

itz NOT GONA happen.PUH-LEAZ

Here,let me hand u a really helpful guidebook-->MANNERS,for IDIOTS.
does that help?Don't worry,it's for idiots so u'll have no problem understanding it.

um,sorry?come again?? OH, U DONT LIKE TO BE CALLED AN IDIOT?

oh,i thought with u being rude to me,it's ok for me to return the same favour.....i see

don't worry,i still have a BIG SMILE on my face while typing this.

i'm NOT MAD,i'm just GETTING EVEN.
it's payback time

REVENGE's a bijk,aint it?????

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

now, nOW,NOW

now, nOW,NOW

i've been in my best behaviour these three years & i'm not intending to ruin it!
so now,u %$#@#@$$ open yr eyes,ears & yr freakin mind with what i'm going to say next.


people here don't even know the half of me & they better don't. I've been trying to conceal it because i'm trying to be a better person,but THINGS & PEOPLE kept trying to mess it up for me making it sooOOO difficult to be GOOD.

to YOU,yes YOU!
dont push me !!!
DONT PUSH ME or i'm going to be a real BIATCH.

today's agenda!

today we only have skills lab in regard with Hb count.
yay! i'm in group 4,with amin,cici,isa,huda,syir,dill & luqman.

mcm disaster je aku buat lab tadi ha. I think i should really practise on handling the Sahle pipette the correct way. Tadi main tipu byk btul,semua ni salah isa (mesti isa bengkek je kalo die bace). No la ice,main2 je pun.

the patient's name was H******,a male. We did the test twice. Aku dpt 14 g/dL, 2nd one was 12.1 g/dL hahahah! ralat betul la. Gelabah gile tadi aku,that must be it.
we finished quite early,so we talked about holidays & persembahan Gala ni8 nnt.

o-oh yg dtg lambt tadi, i hope u guys are safe & not caught. Surabaya wasn't that interesting i heard. Pegi kebun apple,byr 26rib dpt dua biji je? sadist betul tauke kebun tu. At least u guys have been there what,dpt pengalaman merantau tmpt2 what. bile lagi boleh pegi kannn..

next,berkumpul kat plaza sbb byk yg perlu dibincangkan. Apologies to our brave leader, Opie, sbb aku Farahain & huda.A dtg lmbt, perot kitorg dh memaggil2 mknn dah.hehe
KITAS, disiplin...,group discussions, & GAla shows. ha.ha.ha.ha.

sesiapa yg rase aku tak pay at-10-tn sebenanye aku denga segala jenis perbualan korg,cume aku suke buat muke tak bernyawa je.

I think that quite summarizes my day for today. so korang take care, prepare la utk tutor besok.

i'd like to quote taguchi from KATTUN for my not-so grand exit.
iriguchi,deguchi,taguchi desu!!!! jaa ne minna~mata aimashou~

Saturday, January 24, 2009

sunday not-so-morning talk

selamat pagi!!! (pagi?)
i haven't had my breakfast yet & it's near to one. My stomach is rumbling and calling for my at-10-tn,wanting to be fed. Ignoring it,i kept on playing Facebook Pet Society,trying to win the hurdle competition & collecting hong pau from my friends. Hey,you guys should play this game,it's really cute.My aim right now is to buy a fridge. I like decorating my kitchen.=)

after this we'll be making nasi ayam & popia goreng (insyaAllah). These past few days have been really boring,with nothing much to do except for watching movies,eating,sleeping but most importantly TRYING to finish case reviews for DMS system. please note my emphasizing on the word 'trying'. I've finished spondylitis TB ,so maybe next would be case 6?

from my seat (which is on a kitchen chair facing our guest room), i note that NOI is so engrossed in searching & downloading stuffs in regard with kattun (i presume?). HUDA is still in her room,studying maybe? Now i'm done for Pet far i've saved 600dollar from nada. yeehawww~~ dear mr.fridge,wait for me to get u~~

OMG,this movie i'm watching is such a typ-o. SPIN, it's about 2 latino girls trying to get themselves in the entertainment world.B.O.R.I.N.G~~maybe it's from the early 90's production. Yesterday i sent my blanket to the dry cleaning,so plz remind me to pick it up on 26th. It's near Yomart if anybody's wondering.quite cheap,but the 'teteh' working there gets on my nerve. haha. about my result.Sadly but quite expectedly i didn't get what i wanted.huhu, after so much sweat & energy's not that what i've done could be called a hustle,but i can see no difference for a result coming from a hardwork & the one from lazing out.ha! circumstances can really pull me down & drown me,man. The words from my parents really touched my soul,i tell u. Such motivations set me ON FIRE~!!!!!!! SO NOW I SHOULD REALLY BE HUSTLING & HARD LABORING~!!!!!

the dishes are calling, the bathroom is waiting,the laundry needs caring & nadiah needs.....what nadiah needs to tata everybody.tthank u for spending 10 minutes. later i'll write longer.