Monday, July 20, 2009

hey u

do u remember
when we were 8
u & i went cycling before noon
my sisters tagged along..

we played 'catch', chat ,enjoyed the blue sky
and some activities fit for daredevils
the field was so green because the school just opened
only the guard knew about us being there.....

it was lunch time,tired & hungry
the four of us decided to return home
but guess what made my 8year old heart felt like it's tugged down to the earth,
giving me one of the best shocks of my life?

the entrance gates were chained & we were locked in!!

cell phones weren't available back then,
we refused to leave our bicycles there to try climb out....

my maid found us & she only helped my youngest sister out of the wall

then she left us.....SHE LEFT US!!

all on our own...

i almost cried but i didn't

the 3 of us had each other didn't we?

together we circled the whole building lot
it took us what seemed like hours to figure out what to do
we were like prisoners trying to break out

a good chap who was mixing the cement near the construction site
saw us n tried to help
he was a our hero..

with his gadget he cut out the wires and made a small rabbit hole using his spade
so we could squeeze out and free ourselves
yes,i had to drag my bicycle through that hole
and it was a lot of work!

mud was everywhere
i tried to brush the dust off of my face
my sis looked up to me,thank God she didn't cry too

a thought dawned on me...i was doomed

i cycled home slowly,knowing i was the one to get the blame from mom
not for being naughty..but for involving my sisters along into our mischiefs

i stole a glance at you,you were relaxed

as we reached home, my mom already awaited under the mango tree
she was like a war goddess, just returned from work,ready & well prepared for what's next.
i drowned in my own sweat & fear.........

long story short, i got a good smack right behind my shoulder
but nothing happened to you.
that night i refused dinner & refused any communications with mom

i was mad albeit knowing it was also my fault.
u were the one who gave the idea to go to that place!
one my angry thoughts

but wait,u.
now i'd like to thank you

for giving me what now seem to be a nice experience

for giving me a small adventure to tell today.

THANK U,neighbour.=)

ashton, i'll wait for you

kutcher's in SPREAD.
it's coming soon

he's my teenage crush.hehe =) still is..

the girl who's going to be with him is new
i think spread's her debut movie.

not sure what it's going to be about.
romantic comedy i think

for girls,couples,gays & drag queens only.ha

Saturday, July 18, 2009

kantoi..Zee Avi

semalam i call u ,u tak answer
u kate u keluar pegi dinner
u kate u keluar dgn kawan u
but when i called tommy he said it wasn't true

so i drove my car pegi damansara
tommy kate maybe u tgk BOLA
tapi bile i sampai u tak ada
lagi lah i jadi gila

so i called and called sampai u answer
u kate "sori sayang tadi tak dgr
my phone was on silent i was at the gym"
tapi latar blkg suara pompuan lain

sudahlah syg i dont believe u
i've always know tht yr words were never true
why am i with u i pun tak tau
no wonderlah my friends pun tak suka u


so i guess that's the end of our story
akhir kate she accepted his apology
tapi last2 kita dpt tau she was cheating too
with her ex-boyfriend's bestfriend...................



love is in the air**huhu~~

comelnya kamu semua.. \(^0^)/

i'm so happy my darlings~ i wish u guys all the happiness in the world~~~

weee~~~~should i cry now? =)

tapi igt tau..kene pandai jaga diri

muahx muahx!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

for my own memory




41177. =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i h8 u
talam 2 muke
love rat
xsedar diri
kamu kayak tikus yang tak diundang
buat sarang
buat sampah
dengan konco2 kau tu
smua gi jumpe doc psych' sane!!!

tak kire la kau skrg dh dok berapa lautan jauhnya
tak kirela 'tinggi' mane kau
no mercy for u
im going to set things upon u as u've done onto me n my friends

sometimes- the carpenters

Sometimes not often enough

We reflect upon the good things

And those thoughts always center around those we love

And I think about those people who mean so much to me

And for so many years have made me so very happy

And I count the times I have forgotten to say 'thank you'

And just how much I love them



hey buat kawan2 ku yg di malaysia,singapura mahupun di indonesia

blog saye yg dibawah ni tak ditujukan buat sesape pun

cuma bende nilah yg kitorang diskuskan dlm conference smlm di YM

saya mmg tak suke no 1,2,3. tapi tak semestinya semuanya berlaku kat saye.

ada yg saye tambah dari cerita kawan.

ada yg terperasantan melebih2 ke???
sedey a gini

saya tak akan minta maaf sbb there's nothing to apologize after all.

my niat was purely about sharing what people dislike.

ya udah

Monday, July 13, 2009

PANtang LARang

pantang larang no 1

mengaku baju tu kau punye padahal ko pinjam kawan kau

ni satu contoh je.

kau sedap pinjam brg orang yg cantik2 elok2
pastu orang pujilah 'ehh..cantik nyer blabla'
kau pun cakp lah 'biase la i beli'
orang beli,dah bende tu jadi hak die
sukiyaki kau plak nak ngaku tu hak kau

haa yelaahhh
byk la berlaku kat dunia ni
orang lain buat keje bagus,
orang lain plak dpt nama

orang lain tolg bagi kau folder lagu best2
kamu seenaknya cakap 'ak ah,aku yg donwload'

tak kesa la kau nk pinjam ke,gune name ker
at least have the guts to admit that it's not yours
kesian la kat orang tu
dah la die buat baik kat kau
kau pijak kepala die lagi

pet pot pet pot

pantang larang no 2.

BReathing down people's neck

ini dieeee
orang sedap2 typing
idea mencurah2 ni

tibe2 ada la satu lembaga dok belakang
rupenyer die nga usha apa kau buat bile kau o9
'zassssSS! idea semua terbang entah ke mana

weh tak penah blaja ker term' privacy'
masing2 ade personal bubble masing2
tak kire la,adik beradik ke,kawan ke,maupun kucing
korang jgn la sesekali buat mcm ni kat hamba Allah yg lain
rimas tau rimas
nk mintk kene sound la tu

haaa ni nak masuk no 3 plak

pantang larang no.3

i dah cakap dah i tak suke,u buat lagi????

bile dah kene sound,hang buat lagi kenapa
tak faham bahasa ker?
nak tukar sign language ker??
mcm ni adik berapa tahun pun lagi bijak laaa
degil degil pun kene berpatotan la .takyah la ikut kate ati tu sgt
hang tu dah besaq
please respect people's request

emo ker kat atas tu?
ala,kalo tak emo tak best plak kan..hehe
tapi siyes la,readers take note la

skrg aku nak ngaku
idea pasl pantang larang ni
aku cilok idea orang
sikit2 je sudahh

and aku pun kengkadang skodeng org o9 buat pe gak
tapi nak skodeng pun bijak la sikit hehe

jadi,marilah aku n kamu semua belaja dari kesilapan masing2
ok,komen mariiiii

Saturday, July 11, 2009

i want to watch...


PUBLIC ENEMIES (johnny depp and christian bale)


pretty please..?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

tongue twisters

she sells some sea shells at the seashore

betty bought some butter but the butter Betty bought was bitter
so betty bought some other butter which was better than the bitter butter

how much wood did the woodchuck chuck?
the wood that the woodchuck chucked is the wood that the woodchuck could chuck.

a few of the many tongue twisters me mam taught me back when i was little.
mummy dearest~ =)

Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels

i don't know how to put my likings to this movie into words...pendek kate,memang mantap in terms of characters,plotting n scripts ~!!!

this is my all-time favourite movie,teman setia mase form 3. cite die dah lame...mase darjah 4 rasenye. bagus utk faham culture Eastern England-ers
boleh dijadikan pengajaran hidup
tapi buang yg buruk ye...

o yea ade beberapa pelakon yg femes gak .u'll be entertained so WATCH IT!!!

not for the naive and innocents

telinga kene peka ngan dialogue sbb die gune Cockney rhymes (dulu susah benar nak faham)
n jgn tgk cite ni dgn subtitle(this will spoil the fun)
ganazz (tapi bagi aku biase la tu)
jgn tgk bile ade parents around.ngehehe

Lesson no 1
cockney rhymes ni slang british kat eastern england gune utk gantikan perkataan yg ada bunyi ujung yg sama. mcm loghat le

contoh: uncle Ned =head, china plate= mate

"something wrong with yr uncle Ned, china?"
err lebih kurg..tu la yg aku igt (dari Mind Your language)
bagi aku slang ni sgt menarik

lesson no 2: lock,stock n two smoking barrels ni sebenarnya english proverb

lock ,stock and barrels
asalnya ,3-3 bende ni komponen rifle.
so,rifle tak bergune kalo salah satu compartment die takde ,ye tak?

if u gather everything into something,and kau focus nak buat sesuatu..nilah dikatakan lock,stock n barrels.
boleh jugak utk terms curahkan segala jenis usaha utk capai tujuan la.

"if u want to be at the top, u have ter lock,stock and barrels!"**winks**

source: ikram n mak..and a lil research of my own
. salah n silap, maaf

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

wednesday morning

pagi ini sejuk
aku tido lbh dr 10jam

and now im famished
smlm buke yogurt orange
kononnye nak gi nusantara but went to sleep instead.

oh yeah guess what..
that 'voice' incident happened again yesterday.
my sleep was interrupted first bcoz noi was getting to bed.
i stole her blanket so i gave it back.

as i was beating my pillow n just about to proceed with my dreams
the not-so sweet voice called. from outside.

just what i needed at 2 in the morning
some effing entity badgering me.

just now i asked noi what was last night all about?
she heard it too that's why she went to sleep.
it wasn't teteh doing nightwatch.

apa-apa je lah.

Monday, July 6, 2009

berhenti buat LI jap

urm...some might know already,my pa's coming for raya.
i already told him bout me & my friends' plan to jakarta(insyaAllah) and he's really excited about it.He's thinking of joining this wonderful expedition

honestly, it's weird for me.
imagine my da' sitting among my male friends,cracking male jokes.
THAT i cannot picture
who knows what he will tell them about me.
this idea itself gives me the shivers

on the other hand,i can't tell u i don't want him here
i like his presence
come on,call me pampered,call me spoiled.
whatever makes ur day =))
i didn't call for him, this is his idea of a different raya.

haha. abah gaduh ngan mak ker smpai nak raya kat sini?
takdelah. nilah MY ABAH.
funny guy. funny funny guy

o yeah,17 rejab ni ultah aku ke -22.
khamis maghrib eyh?
siape sayang aku plz pray for my health,happiness n success.
bulan rejab ni byk2 kan berpuase n beristighfar.

tak sabar nak sambut sya'ban n ramadhan.
ok adieu ~~~
sambung LI balik

Thursday, July 2, 2009

kali ni aku nak post pasal satu poem ni
sbb takde cite psl diri sendiri.

it's very lame & could be an insult to people yg amek English major
,later u'll know tapi aku sukeee.
y?nothing to do with me tapi mungkin sbb aku suke kal penn(huh??)
atau mungkin sbb die guna 2 of my favourite numbers ,3 n 9.

i fear that i will always be a lonely number like square root 3

a 3 is all that's good and right
why must my 3 keep out of sight?
beneath the vicious square root sign
i wish instead i were a 9

for 9 could thwart this evil trick
with just some quick arithmetic
i know i'll never see the sun as 1.7321...

such is my reality
a sad irrationality

but just what is this i see..?
another square root of a 3,

has quietly come waltzing by
together now we multiply
to form a number we prefer
rejoicing as an integer

we break free from our mortal bonds
and with just a wave of our magic wands
our square root signs have been unglued
the love for me has been renewed..

bayangkan kal penn cakap.
comel haha