Monday, July 20, 2009

hey u

do u remember
when we were 8
u & i went cycling before noon
my sisters tagged along..

we played 'catch', chat ,enjoyed the blue sky
and some activities fit for daredevils
the field was so green because the school just opened
only the guard knew about us being there.....

it was lunch time,tired & hungry
the four of us decided to return home
but guess what made my 8year old heart felt like it's tugged down to the earth,
giving me one of the best shocks of my life?

the entrance gates were chained & we were locked in!!

cell phones weren't available back then,
we refused to leave our bicycles there to try climb out....

my maid found us & she only helped my youngest sister out of the wall

then she left us.....SHE LEFT US!!

all on our own...

i almost cried but i didn't

the 3 of us had each other didn't we?

together we circled the whole building lot
it took us what seemed like hours to figure out what to do
we were like prisoners trying to break out

a good chap who was mixing the cement near the construction site
saw us n tried to help
he was a our hero..

with his gadget he cut out the wires and made a small rabbit hole using his spade
so we could squeeze out and free ourselves
yes,i had to drag my bicycle through that hole
and it was a lot of work!

mud was everywhere
i tried to brush the dust off of my face
my sis looked up to me,thank God she didn't cry too

a thought dawned on me...i was doomed

i cycled home slowly,knowing i was the one to get the blame from mom
not for being naughty..but for involving my sisters along into our mischiefs

i stole a glance at you,you were relaxed

as we reached home, my mom already awaited under the mango tree
she was like a war goddess, just returned from work,ready & well prepared for what's next.
i drowned in my own sweat & fear.........

long story short, i got a good smack right behind my shoulder
but nothing happened to you.
that night i refused dinner & refused any communications with mom

i was mad albeit knowing it was also my fault.
u were the one who gave the idea to go to that place!
one my angry thoughts

but wait,u.
now i'd like to thank you

for giving me what now seem to be a nice experience

for giving me a small adventure to tell today.

THANK U,neighbour.=)


HuDaChAn said...

another long time story~~~
but nape kte asyk igt yg sedey2 jer???

natto said...

sape ha yg jage kte mase tu? ijem?
tpi mmg takot gile laa mse tuh..
track suit aq koyak memanjat pagar dawai hijau yg berduri2 tu...
=)) those were d days!

-$h@- said...

of course i remember...our childhood wif lots of adventure.. wish i can go back to the old days~

-$h@- said...

anyway u dun knnow....blk umah jek...i kept myself lock in my room da whole night..kinda scared tho..